The Bird wire network Meant to utilize bird control Contrary to Seagulls together with Pigeons get a grip on in regions at which their activity is well known to be a gentle species. It’s suitable for new constructions wherever birds have not begun to nest, in addition to for roofing ledges on glass-faced structures in order to steer clear of mosquito thing from fouling the façade. It’s practically invisible from the earth flat and could have a simple chicken netting conduite solution without needing maintenance. They provide a whole range of design and setup, or we can offer the stuff directly for self-installation.

Bird Wire Control Device
This Approach comprises of Stainless Metal nylon-coated cables, which might be tensioned by a mechanism and fixed among the supports. When the birds seek to put feet, they struck on the precarious Cable stopped from wanting to land on the framework.

Key Specifications

• Ledge safety around 300 mm long
• Stainless Steel grade 304 with 25 years against rust insurance
• Stronger Cable.42 millimeter wire with improved electrical power.
• Sustained wire lock twist, which leaves it nearly not possible for your own wires to fall out.

• The portions require less adhesive to remain in place. The base includes built with eight’keying’ holes, as well as the coat divides in the holeslocks the spike on the most effective.

• The pins have been 330 mm long Together with 1600N / M-M electrical safe

Stainless Steel Posts
The supports, in Addition to wiring, are Constructed of stainless steel as well as present with 25-year safety against rusting Conditioning Repair A nylon rivet is put into a tired gap and then pounded right into place. The rivets incorporate domed heads that keep water from entering.

Adhesive Apparatus
There Can be a horizontal pole holder That May fix To eliminate such a necessity to dig to frameworks. When it’s necessary to cover a huge ledge, our multiple-post holder is fantastic for growing the amount of attachments needed.