The ROOF TOP TENTS promoted by the web page of the Italian Company Autohome, are made by a truthful artisan technique that offers the best guarantees, a character structure, compact and removable higher than time.

They are covers that have the funds for stability and comfort in each of the car tents it manufactures. They are not made of a common plastic, but rather of polyester fiberglass, which keeps the internal atmosphere and no-one else from heat and cold, and is easy to tidy and allows the use of scratchy products.

The ROOF summit TENTS, of the Columbus Carbon Fiber model, can weigh 20% less than acknowledged covers, are made of carbon fiber, adopted for some become old in the aerospace sector, providing incomparable elasticity and resistance,

These Columbus Carbon Fiber ROOF summit TENTS are broad and comfortable, maximum breathability, privacy, and security that forlorn a roof tent made by Autohome can offer. If you are looking for a durable and feel Columbus Carbon Fiber car tent, it is your option, order it today!

Another design that you can find on the website of this Company, is the Maggiolina Grand Tour car tent, it is an aerodynamic design, which provides comfort and freshness, ideal for comfortable, safe, teetotal nights in any condition, the selection of the materials used guarantee a reliable and resistant product. Be a satisfied customer using Maggiolina Grand Tour!

If you are a person who likes off-road adventures Maggiolina Extreme, it is designed especially for you, it is one of the newest products of this Company, robust, thin, considering a luggage rack, made upon the summit to contain travel tools and sport.

In the similar way, on this website, you can browse and get the swing frills that the Columbus heritage offers, they are simple, quick to assemble, and certainly independent.

Its ROOF top TENTS, keeps it deserted from the frosty and the wind, it is a categorically useful supplement for those who travel north or to places where there is a unquestionably high-temperature range.